Monday, 22 Jul 2024

Getting Ready For a Night Out To Pink Flamingo

Are you planning a night out with your loved one to one of the best restaurants in Gold Coast? Then you will want to be seen looking your best as you paint the town red. The plan for the night might be a sit-down dinner with some dancing or maybe an adventurous evening at the Pink Flamingo Spiegelclub. The Gold Coast club is the perfect location for fantastic dance shows featuring cabaret, burlesque and even cirque performances. To make sure that you look your best tonight, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Getting Yourself Ready For the Night

If you’re just coming home from work and have had a long, hard day, take a breather before you start to get ready. So, plan out your clothes and makeup routine in advance so that you have plenty of time to take a breather. Once you are out of work mode, make sure the process of getting ready is as much fun as possible. Start with a warm relaxing bath or a shower for a bit of me time, use some yummy smelling bath salts, body scrubs and exfoliators to cleanse and relax. Then use nourishing creams and lotion to hydrate your skin, to keep it healthy and give it a beautiful glow for the night ahead.

Finding That Perfect Outfit

It is not always easy to decide on an outfit beforehand, especially this time of year with the changing weather. So if you aren’t inspired by your closet to find an outfit the night before then don’t worry. If you aren’t happy with what is in the closet, then no need to go on a shopping spree either. Ask a friend or two to bring their best outfits they don’t mind you borrowing and find what works for you. You want something bold yet comfortable; also, remember to bring an extra layer of clothing if the night’s temperatures will dip.

What Hairstyle Will Go Well With Your Outfit

A hairstyle is a powerful statement, whether it is up or down and should not be taken for granted. The perfect hairstyle will complement what you’re wearing and accentuate your eyes, nose, lips, cheekbones and outfit. There are different hairstyles for different setups and environments. For example, a curly bun, sleek ponytail, low bun and twisted top knot are just perfect for a night out on the dance floor as they will not get in the way of dancing. An exquisite up-style that takes a long time to arrange carefully is perfect for an up market restaurant or bar but will not do well on the dance floor. Rather than experimenting with a new hairstyle on the night you’re going out, conduct a trial a few days before and save on time. It would be terrible to find out last minute that the style you have selected does not suit your outfit or the shape of your face.

Getting ready for a night out can be fun and should be treated as such. Enjoy deciding a suitable hairstyle, the perfect outfit and even the accessories to match. Also, when you are ready, you and your loved one can make your way to the Pink Flamingo Spiegelclub on the Gold Coast. It offers shows with a formidable cast of elite performers from around the world, and once the show is complete, the Club will take centre stage. While a list of international DJ’s are on the decks, there will also be aerial performers and jaw-dropping shows. For more information, visit our website.