Thursday, 11 Jul 2024


Are you tired of cleaning of cleaning egg drips from the bowls and counters? If you are also one of those people who are super annoyed of making a mess while breaking eggs then you have stopped by the right place because we are introducing you to the one of its kind, kitchen utensil. We are talking about egg-less, egg-less will make sure that you don’t have to deal with the sticky bowls, cracked pieces of egg shells and egg drippings on the shelf or counters. The best part is that you don’t waste any of the egg content.

It is a lightweight, mushroom shapes utensil that sticks to your bowl so you can break the egg on it. It makes sure that all the egg content drops right into the bowl instead of dripping here and there. Specially, if you are a baker and deal with it a lot of eggs then this kitchen utensil is a really helpful one for you. Also, baking is a lot of fun except for the cleaning part, it can get quite messy so egg-less will make it certain that cleaning up is easy for you.

The purpose of creating this product was to ensure a mess-free kitchen and a mess-free cooking and baking experience with which people can actually a quicker cleaning time. Body builders also consume a lot of eggs and cracking an egg with the side of a bowl can be messy with the egg white all over the place. Egg-less is good news for the body builders as well, they can have an amazing body without making a mess and without having sticky hands.

Egg-less can be used by anyone, it can be used at home for regular use in the kitchen, it can be used by college students who cook for themselves, body builders and even kids you are slowly learning to cook. Whoever uses this product will definitely be very happy with how all the egg content falls in to the bowl and not any where else. Quite a few people complain that some of the egg content is wasted due to the drippings but with egg-less, you will have the yummiest food and without any mess.

If you are a beginner and have just started cooking or baking then you need this in your kitchen closet it will make sure that you enjoy the overall experience more with less mess.

There are so many kitchen utensils available in the market, they are innovative and helpful but most people don’t but them because of their high prices. Fancy utensils are supposed to be very expensive but egg-less is the complete opposite of that. It can be purchased for less than $10 which is pretty decent for such a useful utensil.

If we look at the versatility, you will find out that it not only ensures mess-free egg breaking but it can also be used as a spatula so you can completely clean the bowls without wasting any mixtures or batters. Secondly, it acts as a pastry cutter as well. You can use it to achieve a variety of shapes.

Some of the benefits of egg-less are:

  1. Fits perfectly to bowls of different shapes and sizes
  2. It has an affordable price
  3. Makes sure that all the drips fall into the bowl
  4. It can also be used as a spatula and a pastry cutter
  5. It allows you to have less time consumed in cleaning

Gino Mazzenga is the mind behind the creation of egg-less, he wanted a utensil that takes care of all the mess that can be made while breaking eggs. It took him four years to come up with the final product, however, the product has still not reached the masses. Once you get your hands on this product, you will enjoy how it has made breaking eggs easy and mess-free. Make sure to tell all your friends and family about this spectacular utensil and so that they can buy it and also donate money.The donations will help increase the production and the marketing of this product while spreading the word will enable people to find out about this amazing product.