Thursday, 11 Jul 2024

Fast Food VS Tingkat Delivery In Singapore: Which Is Better?

There are times when we cannot prepare lunch or dinner for ourselves because we are either too busy or lazy to do it. Fortunately, there are fast food restaurants and Tingkat delivery services in Singapore that can feed our hungry stomachs. But which of the two is better?

Here are the differences and similarities between fast food and Tingkat dinner delivery in Singapore:


Fast Food

Fast food is mass-produced food served and prepared quickly in restaurants and take-out counters. Fast food is an alternative to home food. It is cheap yet known to be less nutritious.

Tingkat Delivery

Tingkat is a set of different home-cooked meals shipped in cans or traditional tiffin carriers. They are available in restaurants and at take-out counters. Like fast food, Tingkat is a substitute for home food. Tingkat tastes like home. It is cheap yet healthy.


Fast Food

Because fast food is mass-produced, the ingredients are typically delivered to the restaurant frozen and stored until needed. It affects the freshness of the ingredients; however, despite the storage time, fast food chains still ensure their food is safe to eat.

Tingkat Delivery

Tingkat service in Singapore uses fresh ingredients from the market every day; some even choose organic and locally produced food. They are prepared like home cooked food as well. Because of this, the quality of Tingkat food is much better.


Fast Food

Many countries see the prevalence of fast food in the obesity rate in their areas. Fast food is typically high in oil, sodium, sugar, preservatives, and MSG. Excessive consumption of these ingredients leads to high blood pressure, kidney diseases, diabetes, and more.

Tingkat Delivery

Tingkat dinner delivery in Singapore is a healthier food option. Besides using fresh ingredients, some restaurants use less sodium and oil and zero MSG. Moreover, the variety of food on the menu also helps with a balanced diet. They offer meat, fish, poultry, and vegetable-based meals.

Is Tingkat delivery in Singapore for you?

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