Thursday, 11 Jul 2024

Earl Grey: A Sydney Tea Exclusive

Class and sophistication

Earl Grey tea has a colourful and storied past, one that comes alive with every brewing of our excellent selections of Earl Grey, courtesy of Sydney Tea. But what are the origins of Earl Grey tea? How does Earl Grey taste? And most importantly, where can you grab premium Earl Grey yourself?

Black tea and its health benefits

It may be helpful to start with some handy health benefits of enjoying black tea in general! Black tea is the oxidised leaves of the camellia sinensis plant, the same plant used to make green and oolong tea. Black tea has a score of beneficial attributes to it. For starters, black tea is loaded with antioxidants and polyphenols. These help to combat free radicals which can cause cell damage in our bodies. They also help to promote general health and keep us looking younger. Black tea has been found to help mitigate “bad” cholesterol and can potentially guard our bodies from heart disease. Black tea has a liberal dosage of caffeine, too. The caffeine in black tea of course helps to keep us awake and alert, but can also enhance our physical performance and possibly even boost metabolism. Have no fear of jitters with black tea, however, as the amino acid L-theanine is present in black tea. L-theanine helps to curb and decrease the negative effects of caffeine such as jitters and anxiety.

History of Earl Grey Tea

Surprisingly, Earl Grey was a real person. Charles Grey, an English noble who lived from 1764-1845 was the historic Earl Grey, Earl of course being his title. Grey had an interesting political career, including passing the Slavery Abolition Act in 1833. But in regards to his connection to Earl Grey tea, there are many apocryphal stories about this connection as well as the origins of Earl Grey tea itself.

One story goes like this, a shipment of black tea from China was sent alongside a shipment of bergamot. Bergamot being a highly aromatic citrus fruit that can be found in Italy and the South of France. The black tea’s receptive properties absorbed the aroma and flavors of the bergamot as they traveled side by side and the resulting flavor was a hit. Some variations say the tea and fruit were sent as gifts for Charles Grey. Another story relays that a Chinese mandarin, a scholar-bureaucrat, was visiting Grey at his home in England. The mandarin, wanting to treat his host with a brewing of fine black tea found the mineral water at the Earl’s home unpleasant and masked the taste with bergamot. Whichever story is the real one may never be fully known. But chances are, the method of infusing tea with fruit or floral flavors originated in China, where we find a hulking catalogue of different wonderful blended teas. And for those seeking wonderful tea blends, look no further than Sydney Tea’s own hulking catalogue of premium leaves and blends.

Sydney Tea’s Premium Earl Grey

Our FBOP grade Earl Grey comes from Sri Lanka, where it is certified organic and infused masterfully with bergamot oil. Sydney Tea’s Premium organic Earl Grey tea is hand blended and puts on a real show of flavor, aroma and character. The sweet, floral and citrus palette of bergamot oil harmoniously blended with the full body and malty palette of Sri Lankan black tea. One of the best parts of Sydney Tea’s Premium Organic Earl Grey tea is the limitless freedom one can experience this tea in. In England, a thin slice of lemon is used to garnish Earl Grey. While a trip to Paris will allow one to experience the Joie de Vivre of a sprig of lavender in their Earl Grey. Sunny South Africa has a caffeine-free take on Earl Grey, opting for Rooibos Earl Grey. and one more caveat for Sydney Tea’s premium Organic Earl Grey tea? It makes a smashing culinary ingredient. Earl Grey custard transforms into a superb Earl Grey crèmebrulee! Aromatic and sweet, with a staid and tamed robustness that is characteristic of a fine black tea. The exotic bergamot and Sri Lankan black tea in tandem are a combination worth experiencing. Socome try Sydney Tea’s Premium Organic Earl Grey today!  Click here to purchase.

Sydney Tea’s Organic French Earl Grey

While many may associate Earl Grey exclusively with English Tea and tea culture, here at Sydney Tea we have a special surprise, our Organic French Earl Grey! Imagine one’s selfimbibing Sydney Tea’s Organic French Earl Grey amongst the stately boulevards of Champs-Elysees, or admiring the aroma and exquisite flavor palette at les Deux Magots. And what makes Sydney Tea’s Organic French Earl Grey so remarkable? Well, our tea is OP1 grade black tea with all certified organic ingredients from Sri Lanka, Albania, Egypt and India. Our French Earl Grey is a premium organic hand blended pastiche of black tea with organic bergamot oil, rose petals, calendula and cornflowers. Not only do these unique and exotic ingredients from across India and Egypt offer up a colorful and beautiful looking blend, but also brews a complex, rich, mysterious and fantastic carnival of aromas, tastes, notes, hints and flavors that are sure to make you imagine as much of the lights of Paris as the far off, distant and exotic locales where the organic ingredients come from. Click here to purchase.

Organic, original, exotic

Sydney Tea’s unrivaled approach to Earl Grey results in a marvelous and exquisite take on this classic of black tea. Blended by hand, sourced from certified organic and high-quality ingredientsand prepared for excellence, Sydney Tea’s selections of Earl Grey are certain to make you brew pot after pot of this superb blend. From the classic Premium Organic Earl Grey tea, ready to be enjoyed with accoutrements and garnishes of your choice, as is, or as a garnish for desserts itself, this tea blend is a true specimen of quality Earl Grey tea. And the Organic French Earl Grey, a take on Earl Grey from across the English Channel will certainly become your next favorite tea blend from the moment you open the bag and inhale its vivid and vivacious aroma, to the last drop of tea in your cup. Sydney Tea’s Earl Grey blends are guaranteed to impress even the highest of lords, dukes, earls and viscounts. So place an order today! Exclusively at Sydney Tea.