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Brief Information about Cardamom Pods

Cardamom is a natural spice, which is extracted from the seeds of plants in the Zingiberaceaefamily. It is used in every household. It is one of the most used spices. It has many benefits. It has ashape, which is triangular, and it is mostly green in color. It is usually founded in Indonesia and thesubcontinent of India. It has been a great part of Ayurvedic in India. It is also one of the most expensive spices in the world. In the Hindi language, it is known as Elaichi. It is basically used in the form of Cardamom pods.

Cardamom Pods

These are the end material of the cardamom plant that is used in the household as a spice. It is obtained by processing the seeds of cardamom. It hasvarious health benefits and is used in the making of many Indian dishes as well as it is used in making some beverages. Cardamom pods have a unique fragrance and taste.

Uses of Cardamom Pods

The cardamom pods are used for many different things. The following list will give you a better idea of it:

  • It is used as an ingredient in a hot beverage called tea in India.
  • It is also used as a key ingredient in biryani, which is a dish made in India. Biryani can be veg or non-veg both.
  • It is also used in Apple Pies by some people.
  • It can also be used in making some cold beverages like Thandai and Faluda.

Cardamom Production

Cardamom is produced under the supervision of Spice Company. The largest production of cardamom is done in India. It is the third most expensive spice because it is highly produced and in terms of weight and cost of selling, it is quite less. It is also very less uses as a small amount of cardamom brings quite a good amount of flavor. Whereas, in the later 21st century, the production started in Guatemala, and since then it has become the second-largest producer. Therefore, cardamom pod is produced in a large capacity.

Therefore, cardamom is a very beneficial natural spice. It is very good in flavor and gives a unique taste to the item where you add it. It is a great ingredient. The best taste it shows isin the form of bud. Though, it is also used by some people in the form of powder. It is highly recommended by people as it has many health benefits too.