Thursday, 11 Jul 2024

4 Types of Noodles to Use with Your Sauces in Singapore

Even with the best XO sauce in Singapore to sprinkle onto your food, nothing beats having great noodles for your dish. There are many noodle types you have to choose from to make the perfect noodle dish, whether you’re making a bowl of stir-fry or cooking a hearty serving of ramen.

Over the thousands of years that we’ve had noodle dishes around, are you familiar with the types of noodles you can pair with your sauces in Singapore? Here are only a few types of noodles you need for exploring your culinary creations.

1. Vegetable noodles

Yes, you can make noodles out of vegetables. You can make many types of noodles by shredding them or peeling them into long strings and cooking them with your base ingredients. Some, like spinach noodles in Singapore, are great for making stir fry and other flavourful dishes!

2. Rice noodles

Using rice noodles for your dishes is a popular choice in Southeast Asia and beyond. These noodles are much crisper and soak up flavours more easily than other types of noodles. They are also a healthy alternative to other types of noodles.

3. Egg noodles

You can try egg noodles in Singapore if you want something a little heavier. Just like the name suggests, egg noodles have eggs in their ingredients, leading to a richer flavour profile. You can try egg noodles with many soups and other types of cuisines.

4. Udon noodles

Hailing from Japan, these thick noodles are perfect for lighter soups and balance out their flavour. Their chewy texture makes them a crowd pleaser and they can come in many textures and shapes for you to choose from.

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