Monday, 22 Jul 2024

What makes a good automatic indoor coffee maker?

Finding the best coffee maker depends on the needs that each one has. A Ninja Coffee Bar cf091 espresso machine is the coffee machine with which the best coffee is prepared. Also with the one that is most enjoyed during the process. Now, an espresso is not prepared in the same way with a manual coffee maker as with an automatic, semi-automatic or super-automatic one. The more the process is automatic, the easier it is to make espresso. However, control is lost in the process. In the same way, the less automatic the process, the more the different factors are controlled, but the more difficult it is to make the coffee.

Automatic espresso machines

Those who prefer to prepare espresso in a simpler way tend to prefer an automatic espresso machine. The process is simpler and, choosing a good coffee, the result is very good. Nevertheless, since there are several types of automatic espresso machines, it is important to know their characteristics. Automatic espresso machines actually come in several types: semi-automatic, fully automatic, and super-automatic. The latest to join the family are the new ultra-automatic espresso machines. All these espresso machines have in common that they come with a pump.

Semi-automatic espresso machines

The semi-automatic espresso machine has a switch on the front panel to start and stop the coffee extraction. To use a semi-automatic espresso machine, you have to load the filter on the handle with ground coffee, tamp the coffee and lock the group handle. Then you have to place a cup under the filter and press the switch on the front panel of the machine to start the extraction of espresso. 

Fully automatic espresso machines

The fully automatic espresso machine is the same basic machine as the semi-automatic espresso machine, except that it contains a microprocessor that you can program to draw particular volumes of espresso. Instead of a single switch to start and stop an espresso draw, there will be multiple buttons. For example, one button is for classic espresso, another for espresso made with two shots, a third for espresso made with a normal amount of ground coffee, but extracted with half the water. 

Super automatic espresso machines

Super automatic espresso machines have all the features of a fully automatic espresso machine. This type of model has an in-built grinder. Instead of grinding the coffee beans separately or using pre-ground coffee, this coffee maker allows you to place the roasted coffee beans in the hopper and then press the button corresponding to the desired coffee drink. The espresso machine does the rest. It grinds coffee beans to the proper granularity for the selected beverage, loads and tamps the filter appropriately, and then extracts using the proper temperature and volume of water for the selected beverage.

Ultra-automatic espresso machines

Ultra-automatic espresso machines are super-automatic machines that also automatically froth and steam milk. They are also the most expensive on the market. Today there are so many types of super-automatic coffee machines on the market, with such different features and such disparate price ranges, that sometimes we have a hard time deciding when choosing the machine that meets our requirements and adapts to our budget. 

Types of espresso machines: which one to choose

Choosing between the different types of espresso machines is a very personal matter. Everything depends on the degree of commitment that each one is willing to assume in the preparation of coffee or the time available to do it and, above all, on the price that each one wishes to spend. Manual espresso machines do not usually come cheap, although there are affordable options. As for the automatic ones, the cheapest ones are the semi-automatic ones, among which there is a wide range of models to choose from, some quite cheap.