Sunday, 21 Jul 2024

The Best Foods To Pair With Whiskey

Nowadays, food pairing whiskey is gaining more popularity than before. Earlier, we all enjoyed a glass of whiskey without having food. But often, having something to munch on while enjoying the divine spirit feels good. Care should be taken that food paired with whiskies should be in a way, so they don’t dominate or overpower the tastes of each other. Instead, they should complement each other’s flavour and enhance the experience.

Let’s look at some of the best combinations for food pairing whiskey (food pairing วิสกี้, which is the term in Thai).

Best Combinations For Food Pairing Whiskey

·        Oriental Food

The Thai, Chinese or Japanese food blend smoothly when it is a single-malt whiskey. The good news is it is readily available to be bought from the local restaurant, or you can prepare it at home.

·        Dry Fruits And Nuts

The dry fruits and nuts go well with whiskey. While sipping sweet whiskey, have walnuts or brazil nuts which taste bitter. Go with pecans and pistachios whenever you are enjoying a solid whiskey.

·        Grilled Steaks

If you plan dinner with whiskey, then go for grilled steak. The strong and bold taste of the whiskey very well compliments the smokey flavour of grilled meat.

·        Smoked Salmon

It will be a great option with rye whiskey or bourbon. You will get to taste a fruity plus spicy flavour of the whiskey when paired with smoked salmon.

·        Meatloaf

Meatloaf goes well with rye whiskey or single malt. The fat in the food helps protect the palate by easing the heat and spiciness.

·        Dark Chocolate

Pairing dark chocolates with whiskey is an excellent option as it enhances the flavour of solid whiskies.

What Should Not Be Paired?

Keep foods with spicy meals or intense garlic flavours, as they may overcome the taste of whiskeys. Avoid citrus foods like lemon or orange as their acidic qualities may lead to digestive problems.


Food pairing whiskey should complement each other tastes and shouldn’t overpower or overwhelm each other’s flavour. The food culture differs from country to country; accordingly, the pairing may vary.

You can often prepare the food at home, which you wish to pair with your favourite whiskey. The prime objective of pairing whiskey with food is to have an everlasting taste on your tongue and leave you with an excellent savoury experience.

Pairing food with whiskey is an art and needs to be carefully planned to get the most out of the experience.