Monday, 22 Jul 2024

Pretzels Picked and Ranked

A ranking of our favorite pretzels from Auntie Anne’s.

Auntie Anne’s pretzels are comfort food for millions of Americans and we aren’t surprised. The pretzels have a salty and sweet combination that make you want to eat more and more, even as your rational self says stop. Regular patrons also love it that the pretzels come in several different flavors, from the sweet to the savory, yet these still have the salty and sweet balance.

According to fast food pricing website, Pricelisto, you can get a pretzel at Auntie Anne’s for around $3.69.

But like all food, we have our favorites in the menu and here are most of them. You may have your own favorites, too, but we can agree that Auntie Anne’s make the best pretzels, perhaps even better than your own aunt used to make.

Sweet Almond

We think that the Sweet Almond is the best on the menu because it is everything that a pretzel should be – it’s rich and creamy, it has a nice texture, and it has a subtle sweetness to it, not to mention that every single one is baked to golden brown perfection. We love that it has nutty and crunchy almonds that stick well to the pretzel.

You can eat a Sweet Almond pretzel as is but if you want heavenly bites, then you should consider dipping it in the caramel dip or asking for the sweet glaze. You will love that it’s perfection in a twist.

Jalapeño & Cheese Pretzel Dog

The great thing about pretzels is that these are blank canvases so these can be paired with sweet and savory fillings. Auntie Anne’s came up with the idea to combine jalapenos and cheese in a pretzel, and then let the customers decide.

Well, we have to say that it was a great idea! The spicy jalapeno and the creamy cheese dance in the mouth while the pretzel provides the music. We can eat this every day except that our bellies will bloat if we did.


If pepperoni pizzas aren’t your thing, then perhaps you will change your mind about pepperoni after taking your first bite of the pepperoni pretzel. We like to think that it’s the best savory pretzel we have ever had but with Aunt Anne’s creativity, we may be wrong down the road.

We love that Aunt Anne’s didn’t scrimp on the cheese, and that it’s just the right level of saltiness and the perfect level of crispness around the edges. The pretzel has exactly nine pepperonis as topping, too, the perfect ratio of chewy bread goodness and cured pork naughtiness.

Tip: Dip the pretzel into the marinara sauce and you will have a pretzel and pizza in one product.


Not many people will agree that raisin pretzels are good but we beg to disagree. The Aunt Anne’s raisin pretzel is so good because of its slightly sweet and buttery dough with raisins inside it. When you bite into it, your mouth is met by the juicy, sweet and plump surprise of delicious raisins.

Tip: Dunk it into the sweet glaze and become a convert to raisin pretzels.

Cinnamon Nuggets

While Cinnamon Nuggets technically aren’t pretzels, we say that it’s just a name. These are cinnamon sugar pretzels cut into bite-sized portions so you can just pop them into your mouth. But you should consider dipping each nugget into either caramel or sweet glaze before letting your mouth enjoy a piece of pretzel heaven.

Original Salt Nuggets

If you’re not in the mood for sweet pretzels or nuggets, then you should order the Original Salt Nuggets and satisfy your salty cravings. Don’t worry since these aren’t as salty as you expect but these are still salty enough to excite your taste buds.

Reading this article is so much easier than writing it because ranking Aunt Anne’s pretzels is a challenging task despite appearances to the contrary. Each one has his or her personal preferences, usually influenced by childhood experiences with the chain, current mood and taste, and even the company when hitting an Aunt Anne’s shop.

But we have to say that our differences shouldn’t matter as much as our similarities. If we both love Aunt Anne’s pretzels, then it’s a great thing to celebrate.

Furthermore, ranking Aunt Anne’s pretzels is made more challenging because of the limited edition flavors. A few favorites from past years include Pumpkin Spice Pretzel Nuggets, Sriacha Pretzels, and Bacon Cheddar Stuffed Pretzel Nuggets.

What makes Aunt Anne’s pretzels so delicious? For one thing, these are made from the best ingredients. Aunt Anne’s started as a stall in Pennsylvania’s Amish country where baking is a passion and an art. For another thing, these are always made fresh daily inside each bakery so customers have the assurance that their pretzels are served as fresh from the oven as possible.

And don’t forget that Aunt Anne’s gives a free pretzel on your birthday and during National Pretzel Day! If you want to get more free pretzels, you should enroll in its rewards program and earn points to get them.