Monday, 22 Jul 2024

How To Celebrate Your Friend’s Birthday In Quarantine?

The world is suffering from a hyper-tension of how to celebrate occasions under lockdown. Just a few months back, people were having gatherings at clubs and restaurant and were celebrating anniversaries and birthdays with their dear ones. But the predicament has changed things temporarily. We know there are some of you really missing those daily outings and feeling tensed as your friend’s birthday falls under quarantine phase. You may have planned lots of things to celebrate the birthday of your friend, but now all the planning has found a route to unknown lost land. You surely want to kick your friend times equal to his/her age and was waiting for a party-all-night.

Now, that’s all that you wanted. But think of your friend whose birthday you was planning for. How down he/she may be feeling right now. The birthday person was waiting to receive gifts and surprises from you and was planning to have you at his/her home.

Well, there is hope, and we all will be out of this pandemic soon. And then you can have that celebration you wanted, but till then we have some ideas for you which are best to celebrate your friend birthday in Quarantine. By that way, the occasion won’t end on a sad note.

Here are the things that you can do:

Send Cake At Midnight: –

The world knows that birthdays are incomplete without cake. So what if you can’t surprise your friend by presenting him a cake personally, in this quarantine phase, you can surprise your friend by sending a cake at midnight. Look out for renowned online bakery that provides cake delivery in Ranchi, Mumbai, Chennai, Nagpur and all around the nation.

Wish On A Video Conference: –

Every year you wished your friend personally by hugging him/her. But this time, let your mobile phone do the work for you. Get in a video conference with your friend using an application such as Instagrams, What’s App, and Facebook Messenger and express all your heartily feelings. Try to add all friends from your group in the video call.

Send An E-Greeting Card: –

Yes, you read it right! We are in a digital age, and so it’s time to incorporate the digital way in our gifting gestures. Send your friend a birthday special e-greeting card having your heart-felt message inside it. The best thing about e-greeting cards is that you can personalize them with the pictures of the recipient, which is a little hard to do with usual greeting cards.

Draw Something For Your Friend: –

It may sound a little childish, but it’s a great idea. Think what kind of gift your friend may be expecting from you; wristwatch, handbag, jeans, etc. but he/she can never expect a self-portrait made by you. Irrespective of the level of your drawing skills, you must put in your efforts to draw. After you complete it, click a picture and send it to your friend. And keep it safe until you meet him/her again.

Birthdays made Quarantine-Friendly!