Sunday, 21 Jul 2024

Canteen Catering Services: 5 Benefits Of Office Cafeteria

Did you know that Google HQ in the US has more or less 50 cafes (they prefer calling them cafes than cafeterias) where employees can enjoy exquisite food prepared by Google chefs? The best part? Most of the food is free! Many offices today build their own cafeterias with the help of canteen catering services, while others still prefer pantries or letting their employees eat outside the office.

Here are the advantages of office cafeterias:

1. Attract applicants

Believe it or not, many millennials and Gen Z consider the office facilities and lifestyle when applying for the job. When they think the office is chunky and cluttered, they are less likely to accept job offers. However, if they see the office has a nice ambience, recreational rooms, and a convenient cafeteria, they are most likely to take the job offer. If you want to make your office appear valuable to prospective talents, you might want to hire institutional catering services for the office cafeteria.

2. Foster company culture

Eating lunch and dinner food together is a huge deal in Asian households. It fosters relationships and communication within the family. It is also similar to offices.

Employees bond and check on each other over lunch and dinner. This simple activity strengthens the relationship of the staff and fosters company culture. Your investment in an institutional caterer will never be vain if it maintains the organisation’s culture.

3. Increases productivity

It is tiring to go down from the office, leave the building, queue in restaurants and fast-food chains for lunch and dinner, and walk back to the office after. It could decrease the employees’ productivity, especially if there are no restaurants near the office.

It is more convenient if the food source is only a few floors up or down their workstations. Moreover, employees get to socialise with other staff in the cafeteria. It could be an opportunity for them to discuss work and brainstorm or get a fresh perspective from other people.

4. Reduces stress

Some people cope with stress by eating. Providing healthy snacks to your employees with the help of pantry management services can help reduce stress. They can munch on salad or bread wherever they feel stressed or hungry.

5. Healthier employees

Many employees skip their meals because they don’t have time to go to restaurants. It could lead to stomach ulcers and other conditions. Providing them with a convenient place where they can eat will give them no reason to skip meals.

Additionally, fast food is not healthy. Your canteen catering services can provide a healthy menu for the staff to ensure they get the needed nutrients.

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