Thursday, 11 Jul 2024

Relieve your Sweet Craving while Staying Healthy

Calories and sweets have become synonymous with one another. We try so hard to maintain a healthy balanced diet to tone up our body. And all these efforts come to risk just when we are unable to give up the temptation of our sweet craving. To satisfy the sudden urge of our sweet tooth, letting the efforts of months to go to waste is disheartening.

But that doesn’t imply that we are asking you to eliminate your favorite sweet dishes forever. Various guilt-free dessert recipes are lighter than usual sugar stuffed dessert recipes. Now the question that comes to mind is that these healthy sweet dishes options must be super difficult to make. But this is also a myth just like how we believe sweet dishes are always marked with high calorific value.


  • Opt for baked desserts that can be made by following easy dessert recipes
  • Involve preparing desserts which are composed of ingredients that stimulate metabolism such as cinnamon. Cinnamon cheesecakes or tarts or rolls taste great but also a healthy dessert option.
  • Citrus fruits are healthy yet tasty dessert ingredients. This can be the tastiest yet healthiest dessert option.
  • Use sweetening ingredients such as honey or jaggery as a substitute for sugar. It is always a sugar-free, carb-free option.
  • If you think cupcakes are cups of calories then let me break this myth as well. Red velvet cupcakes are low in sugar and are composed of less than 150 calories.
  • Use Greek yogurt while making cheesecake. It is only 125 calories per serving which is quite healthy, good to maintain our diet while enjoying that temptation guilt-free.
  • Add lots of nuts, dried fruits and oats to your cookies to make it a healthy bite of heaven.
  • Choose fruits of the season to add nutritious value to your sweet devil.
  • Make cookies composed of multi cereals. Along with a steaming cup of coffee or creamy milk glass, these cookies can be a healthy yet hearty breakfast.


The summer is here and we want to look good in our summer outfits. Summer also means spending breezy hours at the pool. And therefore maintaining a healthy and toned body becomes a need of the hour. And therefore learn to prepare and have these healthy sweets recipes to satisfy your urge for dessert along with your desire for a healthy beautiful body.