Sunday, 21 Jul 2024

The super six immunity booster tips for kids

Immunity is the capability of our body to prevent us from harmful microorganisms and eliminates illness. Immunity plays a vital role to evacuate dangerous germs from entering our body before they can cause disease.

There are basically two types of immunity in our bodies: innate and adaptive.

A good immune system is a progressive method which our body develops within our growing years. No one is born with good immunity and it depends on various factors that help in building better immune booster for kids. Here are 6 immunity booster tips for children –

  • Healthy food

Intake of healthy food is the best way not only for immunity but for overall development of your body. Consumption of food that is rich in carotenoids is the best immunity booster for the body. Also, some fresh fruits and vegetables like carrots, strawberries, oranges and green beans or 1kg Horlicks develop immunity.

  • Accurate sleep

Most people are ignorant about their sleep cycle but a good sleep plays a vital role in developing immunity. In fact, it is the most natural immunity booster for kids. Your body needs to be relaxed and rested after a busy long day and sleep helps in maintaining it. Nervous system needs rest to reboot and a fresh start for the next day and proper sleep facilitates it.

  • Workout and exercise

We all are familiar with the benefits of exercising daily. It helps in better blood circulation and heart functionality. Workout enhances your immunity by flushing bacteria and germs from lungs. Simultaneously it builds a strong body.

  • Hygienic cleanliness

Personal hygiene is a crucial habit that your child must cultivate. They should be taught from the start the importance of cleanliness and inculcate some basic hygienic habits like brushing teeth twice a day, taking a bath daily, washing your hand thoroughly few times in a day and keeping your surroundings clean.

  • Meditation

Advantages of meditation are infinite. Not only children but most adults also neglect the benefits of meditation but it is scientifically proven that a few minutes of meditation will positively impact your mindset and prevent you from various mental illnesses like anxiety and depression.

  • Limited antibiotic intake

When a child suffers from illness it not only affects their health but parents as well which often leads to consumption of antibiotics with consulting from doctors as you want your child to get instant relief. Frequent intake of antibiotics can make antibiotics resistant bacteria which is harmful in the long term.