Thursday, 11 Jul 2024

Why Should You Choose Cooking As A Team-Building Activity?

Online cooking classes are excellent for fostering virtual teamwork. Gather your team, select a delectable menu, and join us for a live virtual cooking lesson for your next corporate event!

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Virtual Team Building Activities

Gather your team, plan a menu, bring your own ingredients and beverage of choice, and attend team building online cooking classes to prepare great meals in your own kitchen. Bring your own ingredients and beverages, or let the pros do the shopping and ship ingredient kits to all of your guests. Let’s have some fun in the kitchen and learn something new from the convenience of your home!

Add-On Ingredient Kit

Allow us to conduct your shopping for you! Each guest receives a freshly constructed Ingredient Kit containing all of the ingredients (and, if desired, an apron) to create your menu from scratch. The only things that aren’t included are dairy and eggs, depending on the recipe(s) in your chosen menu. Isn’t that simple? It is advised that you order at least 10 working days before your desired date/time to allow for adequate delivery time.

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Online Cooking Classes in Real Time

Online classes are available as live culinary classes. You’ll get the same fantastic culinary entertainment as if you were in this Kitchen, except you can wear your home clothes (no judgement here). Ask questions, take notes, and have the Chef respond from the kitchen live.

Menus with the Most Requests

New holiday menus have recently been added. Choose a cocktail-inclusive menu or add a festive cocktail or mulled wine instruction to any menu!

Handmade Pizza, Caramelized Onions, and Make-Your-Own Toppings

There are a variety of ingredient kits available; the most popular are listed here.

Learn the secrets of dealing with yeast and arranging dough from scratch, forming dough, and creating an artiste fresh pizza from the oven by enrolling in team building online cooking workshops!

Cocktails & Handmade Pizza

There are a variety of ingredient kits available; the most popular are listed here.

Join us to discover the secrets of working with yeast and preparing dough from scratch, shaping dough, and baking an artisan pizza fresh from the oven! You will also learn the fundamentals of making a celebratory drink (or make it a mocktail).

Ingredient Kits for Cookies and Cocktails are available; Seasonal Availability

What says “holidays” more than biscotti, frosted ginger cookies, and a cranberry drink cooked from scratch? Prepare to transform your kitchen into a winter bakery as you make a fresh batch of cookies and learn the fundamentals of this holiday cocktail.

Wine & Cookies

Seasonal Availability of Ingredient Kits

Holiday shortbread pieces, crinkle cookies, and handmade mulled wine (or hot cider) are the epitome of the season. Prepare to transform your kitchen into a winter bakery as you bake a new batch of cookies and learn the fundamentals of this festive holiday beverage.

Gingerbread House Decorating Ingredient Kits are required; Availability is seasonal.

Take a journey down memory lane and satisfy your grownup sweet tooth by designing and building your own gingerbread house. You’ll love transforming your Gingerbread House into a tasty piece of art with frosted candy shingles, gummy window panes, and pretzel picket fences!


A cuisine event from your own kitchen will allow family members to participate and feel like they are a part of the event and a larger work family, allowing them to feel more relaxed and enjoy what they have cooked with their families.