Saturday, 6 Jun 2020

Why Use Oysters in Food?

Now the people questioning you why to consume Oysters must be asked why not to include Oysters in the food? Well, the entire concept is very simple. Oyster is one of the greatest treasures, which the sea body has. It has now been included as one of the seafood, which is quite demanded by the different people. Not only is that it is even being put in use as the staple fillers in maximum dishes.

Benefits of including Oysters in the Daily diet

  • Firstly, they have a wonderful taste, which could be enjoyed by almost all the people. Even if eaten with some sauce and lemon juice, it tastes awesome.
  • They have rich nutritive content. They are also rich in all the minerals and vitamins, which is recommended for daily intake to a person. At the same time, it has got a very low-calorie content.
  • They even have aphrodisiac properties. This means the presence of amino acids helps in triggering the sex hormones levels. Moreover, it even influences the testosterone level of the body.

Oyster sauce(น้ำมันหอย, which is the term in Thai) is considered to be an important ingredient which is being put in use in all the traditional Chinese dishes. It helps to add a wonderful aroma as well as flavor to the dish. No doubt, the taste of the food is enhanced to a great extent.

In primitive time, this particular Oyster saucewas produced by reducing the oyster broth. This broth was allowed to boil until it got turned into the viscous brown color material. But now the readymade available sauce comes with many additives. This includes caramel color, an extract of oyster, starch and other preservatives. Moreover, the mushroom is being put in use for the preparation of the vegetarian oyster’s sauces. The sauce has a yummy taste. It has got so many positive reviews that if once tasted, one will not enjoy food without its addition.

However, due to the increasing pollution of the coastal water bodies and overfishing, the supply quantities are diminishing day by day. So, it is equally important to make sure that the quality of water bodies is maintained. One must not forget that the essential nutrient present helps in giving a healthier texture to the human body. Enjoy the different favor and types of cooking options with the oysters.

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