1394327_569096073137796_1044015050_n Sera Høedholt

Sera Høedholt, co-owner of Revolving Dansk, was raised in the Midwest, where she was no stranger to all meats of the grilling variety. After living in NYC for nearly 10 years, however, she was never truly satisfied with the standard New York hot dog. After one bite into a juicy hot dog in Denmark in 2012, she realized that this was something very unique, and that she must join Martin’s mission to spread the word about the delectable Danish pølse.

Eager to expand her self-taught culinary skills to the uncharted territory of danish pølser, Sera immersed herself in learning the ancient secrets of danish pølse making. Sera and Martin spent many weekends in their Boerum Hill, Brooklyn apartment experimenting with scandinavian ingredients and blending, curing, grinding, emulsifying, stuffing, and smoking pølser. Many attempts and one tired sausage stuffer later, they finally discovered the combination that matched the quality and taste that they desired. Together, with Sera’s pølse-skills, and Martin’s pølse-mission, they are changing the way people eat hot dogs, one pølse at a time.

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