Cd7EyU_K Martin Høedholt

Martin Høedholt, owner of Revolving Dansk, was born into a family passionate about Danish cuisine and the preservation of the Danish culture. Martin was raised in Horsens, Denmark and studied at the Aarhus School of Business before moving to NYC in 2011. Upon realizing that he could not find his much beloved pølse in America, Martin set out to be the first man to bring pølser to the New World.

Martin’s journey into pølse-making started with a chance encounter with a restaurant owner, who upon hearing about these pølser, was eager to let Martin showcase his pølser at an event in his restaurant. After seeing the excited crowd at their first event in the summer of 2013, Martin realized that he was certainly not alone in his quest for pølser, and that there were many in New York who shared his love of danish hot dogs. From that day forward, it became Martin’s mission to bring Danish style pølser to America, so that all hungry danes and pølse-friendly people on this side of the Atlantic would have access to this heavenly food.

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