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Kalle Bergman is a Swedish born food writer, media entrepreneur and Nordic food expert. Hailing from Stockholm Sweden, Mr Bergman grew up in a household where traditional Swedish food was a hugely important part of daily life, something which early on cemented his interest in cooking in general and Nordic food in particular. As a food writer, Mr Bergman’s writing and musings on Nordic cuisine has appeared in publications like the Los Angeles Times, Gourmet Magazine, Huffington Post and Serious Eats.

In 2011 he founded Honest Cooking Media, a company with focus on culinary writing and publishing. That company today reaches over 30 million readers monthly through it’s anchor websites Honest Cooking Magazine, PAIR and Alimentari Magazine as well as its over 800 affiliated food bloggers across the globe. In 2012, Mr Bergman launched NORTH Festival as a week long celebration of Nordic cuisine in New York for the first time. The festival became a huge success with both New York foodies and press, and returned for the second and third time in 2014 and 2015. 2014 also marked the expansion of NORTH Festival to the West Coast, with a pop up version of the festival being held in Downtown Los Angeles.

Kalle Bergman is a frequently hired speaker and expert on Nordic cuisine across the US, and is widely considered one of the foremost experts on the subject in the country.

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