Saturday, 6 Jun 2020

Some Tea worth watching – Bloom Balls in action

Imagine a garden…

But it’s underwater. Under some very hot water. Now imagine it’s miniaturised. Now imagine it’s actually a pot of tea and that it smells, looks and tastes incredible. Okay, that is Sydney Tea’s Blooming tea. Blooming tea is a pretty cool take on the whole floral tea scene if we may say so ourselves. But what makes Sydney Tea’s Blooming tea so cool? Well, lots actually.

The origins of tea and floral blends

It is not too clear as to when and where the art of blending tea with assorted flowers and fruit began. Some trace its origins to northern India or Central Asia where it was introduced to China visa the Silk Road or other modes of trade. Other theories suggest it is a more recent technique for tea preparation and presentation. While others assert that it began in the 10th century in Yunnan or Fujian province, two regions in southern China famous for tea. This last theory suggests the addition of flowers and other ingredients to standard camellia sinensis tea leaves was developed to give a remarkable and beautiful visual presentationof opulence and masterful craftwork. And an opulent masterpiece of tea infusion art is exactly what you are going to get with Sydney Tea’s Blooming Tea balls.

The tea master’s garden

A serene and tranquil garden awaits, filled with aromatic, health enhancing and delectable ingredients all of the highest-grade caliber. One might think we snagged all these choice items from the garden of a Fujian tea master! Silver needle white tea, marigold, jasmine and globe amaranth flowers all intertwined to blend a picturesque view of nature and fecundity.

Silver Needle White Tea

The difference between white and green tea is in how young the leaves are when they are harvested, along with how long the leaves are allowed to oxidize. White tea leaves are gathered from very young green tea leaves before they can fully blossom. This results in a choice selection of tea leaves that is light and sweet, but can also be high in caffeine due to the tender tips containing concentrations of caffeine as a defense mechanism against hungry insects. White tea comes from all over China, with southern Chinese regions like Fujian producing excellent crops of white tea. The name “silver needle” refers to the small, fine whitish-silver hairs that adorn each delicate and youthful tea leaf bud. Silver needle varieties of white tea are considered some of the highest quality specimens of white tea.

Like green tea, white tea has some great health enhancing effects, too. White tea offers us lots of antioxidants that can keep our bodies healthy, protect us from cell damage and let our skin look nice and youthful. Next, it can help beat up bacteria that can result in bad breath. Some other benefits are its potential ability to stave off heart disease and assist us in losing weight. Oh, and did we mention the caffeine? Despite popular belief white tea doesn’t have caffeine, often times it can have just as much as a standard cup of green tea. But white tea’s caffeine isn’t overpowering due to white’s generally more mellow flavor and the L-theanine compound which curbs caffeine’s more jittery and anxiety inducing effects. So, prepare to chill out with Sydney Tea’s white tea empowered bloom balls.


These beautiful golden flowers do a lot more than just please the eye. Like white tea, marigolds can help our skin by offering some healing properties. It can also assuage any sore throats or mouth ulcers. Marigolds can help us recover from some ailments too with its anti-inflammatory abilities and the antioxidants that marigolds provide.


Jasmine can help us relax so this is a tea that will keep you nice and easy going all day long! Jasmine blossoms are also beneficial to our gut health and can assuage abdominal pain, too.

Globe amaranth

This pretty violet flower is going to brighten up each brewing of your Sydney Tea blooming tea balls. But globe amaranth can also help fight bad cholesterol, give our immune systems an overhaul, provide even more antioxidants and can even help to regulate blood sugar levels.

All of these natural and healthy ingredients are intertwined with one another through a painstaking and artful weaving process. Once weaved, the ingredients are bound with some thread and rolled into neat little pellet-like balls. Ready for blooming!

Now for the fun part…

This is the moment you’ve all been waiting for! That is the actual brewing. Now what makes this part of the process so fun is the fact that when these blooming little goodies are in hot water they twist and twirl and shout and scream. Or rather, that may be what one might think given the “official” name for this process of brewing floral and loose-leaf teas. The “agony of tea” is a term that is meant to illustrate how the leaves writhe and contort, releasing their aroma, color and flavors in the boiling water. This sounds very scary and a bit sadistic, two images we personally would not like to associate with our tea unless it is some sort of Halloween- themed haunted house tea…otherwise the “dance of tea” is our preferred term. Watching the tea dance and the beautiful garden-like environment that is created by the blooming balls in your teapot are sights very much worth experiencing.

Dancing tea and flowery beverages

This tea is more than just pretty to look at, Sydney Tea provides some high quality white tea with a choice selection of flower blossoms to craft amazing blooming arrangements. This tea can dance and put on a real display of the visual arts. We highly recommend giving these blooming balls a chance to shine center stage during your next brewing experience today!

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