Saturday, 6 Jun 2020

Floetea – acting as the best and a super product for or sugar patients

This product taste sweet but does not contain any sugar. This is considered to be e Ice tea instant mix. This is a very healthy drink and contains 0% carbs. Each pack of floetea can make up to 3.6 litres of drink.

Description of the product

Floetea zero is an ice that has been given the flavour of sweet lemon by floetea team. This taste delicious and are for people those who cannot take in sugar directly. This act perfect for your friends and your family members (especially older people and young up people at your home). No sugar or grounded sugar has been added to this so that the best can be achieved.

To give the customers and Consumers the real and natural taste of ice lemon, the team has used the best tea leaves. Floetea is refreshing tasty and healthy and so you can add a glass of this ice tea during any of your main meals. Hence enjoy the flavour of floetea zero.

The main motive of our team was to prepare such a healthy drink that can energize and support the household people to work really after a tiring day. In the place of taking it during the main course you can also take it after your meal. This soft drink gives you a pleasing effect.

Process to prepare your energetic drink

You can prepare this ice tea at your place by yourself in just few seconds. You need to take one cup of water (preferably cold or as per your convenience). After that you need to add one tablespoon of floetea zero (which comes approximately 5 grams). Stir and mix them together very well so that they get dissolved quickly. Now enjoy this soft drink and enjoy the sweetness and deliciousness and get healthy.

The three main ingredients that are used in this product include:

  1. Anticaking agent (E341)
  2. Antioxidants (E300)
  3. Acidity modifiers (E330)

Other than these three ingredients the product even contents black tea, ginger extract and natural lemon extract. This product is rich in vitamin C with no preservatives, no addition of colours and no artificial flavours.

The product is quite affordable at it cost just 150 rupees. Get your hands on this product and get to know about it here Tab in the below link and add the product your card. Don’t miss this deal and make a family healthy.

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